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Here are some fun and interesting games you can play with your new Aquaglider. They’re fun, easy to learn but they can also be challenging for hours alone with friends.

Play “Catch the Aquaglider,” just as you would play catch with a ball, except you don’t have to throw anything. Just release the Aquaglider underwater and let your friends catch it! Great for two or more people, and for swimming underwater. Or just gently pass the Aquaglider in a circle, or back and forth—it won’t bounce away if you miss! Ideal for hanging out and talking.

Aquaglider races, for speed or distance. Whose Aquaglider can go the farthest or fastest? It may be close, or they may do crazy things, due to water currents or small variations in the toys. Sometimes they’ll hit each other and continue in different directions. Use a floating rope if you want a finish line.

Target practice. Aim for a target, such as a floating hoola-hoop. Who can get a Aquaglider to pop up in the center, or who can get the closest? Also try underwater targets, such as pieces of foam floating beneath the surface, tied to weights on the bottom of the pool (get help from an adult and be careful not to harm the pool).

Catch a Aquaglider, you’re up! One player releases the Aquaglider towards the group, and whoever catches it is up next.

Green light. Have friends line up with their backs facing the person with the Aquaglider. Person releases Aquaglider, then calls, “Green light!” Others then turn around and look for it. Person who gets Aquaglider first is the one to release it next. Release it in any direction, including away from the players. Similar to “Catch a Aquaglider,” but this adds a surprise element.

Tag. One person releases Aquaglider and tries to tag others with it. Experiment with different numbers of friends, and standing apart at different distances. Or play in the deep end if everyone is a good swimmer. Instead of retrieving the Aquaglider, you try to get away from it!

Shark tag. Similar to Tag, but pretend the Aquaglider is a shark! One person releases it, and when the Aquaglider stops, the person closest is “it,” and releases the Aquaglider next. If he or she gets “bitten” (touched) by the Aquaglider, he or she must swim a lap.

With two or more Aquagliders (and two or more players), release the Aquaglider and see who can tag others most in a given amount of time. Use whatever Aquaglider is closest, or mark them with permanent marker and stick with your own. Start by playing for two minutes and vote on how much time to play after that. Or play until one party tags others a given number of times.

Pass the Aquaglider.” Someone out of the pool plays music, while a circles of players passes the Aquaglider, as you might play “Pass the Broom” on Halloween. (Be sure nothing electrical gets wet—use a battery powered tape or CD player and have the music person well away from water!) When music stops, if you have the Aquaglider, or it’s closest to you, you’re out. See who can stay in the longest. They are next to play the music.

Game #8. With the moveable fins on the Aquaglider, you can make it: 1) go straight; 2) cause it to spiral up in circles; or 3) have it boomerang around and come up right near you. Admittedly, these motions are not always consistent, probably due to small underwater currents. Of course, I encourage you to create your own games and variations of them! (If you have a good one, email me,, and if it looks good enough, I’ll post it here AND send you a free Aquaglider!)

Swim after the Aquaglider. This is harder than it seems, and if you can keep up, you’re a very good swimmer! If you can’t do it, keep on trying till you can! Start with swim fins, then as you get better, do it without them.

Have fun, be creative, win a Aquaglider! Think of variations in the above games, or invent a good game to play, one that you and your friends really like. Describe the game and email it to us (please be sure to test the game first and be sure to describe it well). If it sounds good to us, we’ll post it here along with your name AND we’ll send you a free Aquaglider! (Give us about two weeks from the time you email it, and don’t forget to give us your name and address, so we know where to send the Aquaglider and what name to post—or tell us if you don’t want us to use your name.)
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WARNING! This is a gliding toy, NOT a buoyancy or flotation device or a life preserver - do NOT use it to float with, and do NOT swim after it in deep water, unless you are a very good swimmer. Adult supervision IS NECESSARY for non-swimmers.

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