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Temporarily out of stock, truly sorry. We are coming back with the newer, advanced design we're presently working on. Thanks for your patience.
Aquaglider Pool Toys

Available only online! Summer closeout direct from inventor, prices slashed!

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This ingenious pool toy magically propels itself forward when released underwater. The adjustable fins allow for countless “flight” patterns, including straight shots, boomerang come-backs, and spirals. The AquaGlider water toy glides without batteries – all it needs is water. Endless underwater entertainment! Has 13 inch "fin span."

Price: $6.50
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This foam version has fixed fins for straight running and more consistency of glide path. Take note! Though AquaMarvel models shown are colored, this model comes to you in pure white, so you can make your own design, or have an artist friend do it. The correct markers to use, not included, are permanent Sharpie Markers (to be used with adult supervision), relatively inexpensive and available in most any store that sells stationary goods. Note also: The fins, shown as white here, come in clear. They can be painted with spray-on Krylon water-based paint, which comes in many colors. Adult supervision again advised. This paint also works on the foam (other spray paint with solvents will dissolve the foam).

Price: $6.50
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This is our fastest, largest model, made for Dads to keep them out of your hair! It’s great for skin and SCUBA practice, particularly if you’re just beginning and need something to chase around, or especially, to practice underwater filming before that expensive Caribbean vacation. It has a hard body (urethane) and is strictly an “adult model.” By ordering this, you are verifying that you are at least 18 years of age. It is meant to be flown underwater (as shown in video at right). It must NOT be released vertically or upwards because of its large buoyancy (it can fly about 3 feet up, but is made strictly horizontal underwater flight).  The wings come folded for shipping; simply unfold them, insert and you’re ready to go!

Price: $20.00
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AquaGlider Trio
Get a discount and save on shipping when you buy the AquaGlider Trio, three 13 inch fin models.

Price: $15.00
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AquaMarvel Trio
Please note commentary on AquaMarvel above. This model comes in pure white with clear fins.

Price: $15.00
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AquaKing Duo
Get two AquaKing pool toys for discount and shipping savings.  

Price: $30.00             
Aquaglider Toys are Fun

International Shipping Note:
Due to the high cost of shipping overseas and the time it takes to fill out custom's forms, the cost of shipping out of the U.S.A. is $20. In the event of a large order, shipping could be more. In that event, you would be notified by email beforehand and could get a refund if desired. We average this out for simplicity and wish we had control of these rates, but unfortunately, we don't. Apologies in advance.

WARNING! This is a gliding toy, NOT a buoyancy or flotation device or a life preserver - do NOT use it to float with, and do NOT swim after it in deep water, unless you are a very good swimmer. Adult supervision IS NECESSARY for non-swimmers.

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